Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Birding Message Boards - Check them out!

There are tons of birding mailing lists out there - some for novices, some for specific regions, and some for people who can tell you the color of the individual barbs on "P9" on a 2nd-winter Herring Gull passing by at 80 miles an hour. Another means of online communication are message boards. These are a little more informal and make it easier to post pictures in a nice friendly (for the most part) atmosphere. I find them a great place to meet good people, test my ID skills, and share experiences. Here are a few that I frequent. Please share more in the comments.

GardenWeb's Bird Watching Forum - Recently plagued by pop-up ads, but still has many great members and good activity. They also have gardening-related forums and many other natural history topics.

Feathered Friends - Relatively new, but has many active members who fled from GardenWeb due to pop-ups and some old technical issues. They also have a butterfly forum and an excellent hummingbird forum. This and the above earn my frequent visits.

Birder's World Community - Not as active as other forums, but fun to read through.


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