Monday, December 03, 2007

Circus of the Spineless #27

When I first heard of Circus of the Spineless, the mental imagery was quite interesting. Worms on the trapeze. Jellies on the trampoline. Slugs crammed into a tiny car. Since my discovery, I have come to learn so much about the vast invertebrate world, while only barely scratching the surface. For my "theme," I decided to see if I could summarize each of the wonderful posts I received in just six words. Why onl six? I have no idea. Maybe because insects have only 6 legs... yeah that's it! Enjoy the posts. I have read each of these and each is worth your time.

Literary blog-zine looking for submissions: Insecta at qarrtsiluni

Unreal, exquisite moths in Mindo, Ecuador: Festival of Moths at Gossamer Tapestry.

A very interesting little house guest: An unusual house guest by Andrea.

Lovely spider haiku with a photo: Eriophora at Ben Cruachan Blog.

Ever heard of a "water bear"? Slow-walking masters of stress resistance at Ouroboros.

A storm rocks the WhiteRock Beach: Wind and Water and small stuff at Wanderin' Weeta.

Large mite seeks single fuzzy mite: Photo essay on rain bugs at Sibley Nature Center.

How tasty is an old leaf? Stick insects stick to their diets at Seeds Aside.

What exactly is a yellow fluff? Yellow Fluff at Naturalist Notebook.

Webspinners are amazing, interesting, unique insects. Embioptera at Catalogue of Organisms.

What a rare order of insects! Strepsiptera at Catalogue of Organisms.

An inchworm makes its way inside: Hitch Hiker at The Other 95%

Preserving snail shells with explosive results: Exploding Shells at The Other 95%.

Singapore birds love to eat caterpillars: Caterpillars: Food for Birds at Bird Ecology Study Group.

Artificial flowers stop mosquito-spread diseases: "Just blame it on the Americans" at Sisu.

An orb weaver enjoying its web: Orb Weaver at A DC Birding Blog.

A Poster of Pelagic Realm Creatures: A Better Deep-Sea Poster at Deep Sea News.

One-spotted Prepona discovery video - breathtaking! We Interrupt This Program... at Jeff Gyr Blog.

Get to know your winter moths: Motherland at Invasive Species Weblog

Photo of female fall cankerworm moth: Photo by Invasive Species Weblog

Thanks to all for their contributions! It's been fun! Circus #28 will be at Catalogue of Organisms - send your submission by December 30 to gerarus(at)


Anonymous said...

Excellent Circus of the Spineless, Patrick!


Sissy Willis said...

Economy of means is so Darwinian. Nice job!

Beth said...

You did a great job, Honey!

Christopher Taylor said...

The next circus
Will be happening early
Two days from Christmas

Holiday plans mean I need to put up the next circus early, so get post to me by the 27th, not the 30th. Thanks for the current issue, Patrick!

Unknown said...

Hexalogistic is quite a neat trick!

Larry said...

A very nice collection of links, Patrick! As an added benefit I've discovered your blog. Just what I need, another blog to visit. Just kidding...