Friday, September 07, 2007

Maine ID Challenge Answer

Well, ladies and gentlemen, sometimes in the birding world we just have to let one go. I want my mystery bird to be a Cape May more than anything, but I can't rule out Black-throated Green, Magnolia, Blackburnian, or others. I've asked my readers, several forums, and a few others and I have not received a consistent answer. The bird was covorting with a Black-throated Green and the chip notes it was making don't sound anything like the Cape May on my CD. BUT, the bird did have a gray back as I recall. I would expect a BT Green to have an olive-green back. We can go on and on and look at Blackburnian, Magnolia, and the others that were suggested. I won't do that though since the photos are poor, the bird's plumage is poor, and everything is just speculation. So, in conclusion, I'm calling it "unidentified ratty warbler".


Anonymous said...

Letting go can be really hard.....Even the most ratty of warbler is cute though!
I have had to let go many shorebirds this past week, along a busy highway that is too hard to get out and scope. There will be three or four different kinds and I will only I.D. one or two of them.

Beth said...

I think there's a 12 step program available for people like us.

-Patrick accidentally posting as my fiancee and too lazy to change my id

Anonymous said...

There is a twelve Step Program:

Step 1: Is it a Chickadee?
Step 2: Is it a Woodpecker?
Step 3: Is it a Kinglet?
Step 4: Is it a Heron?
Step 5: Is it a Gull?
Step 6: Is it a Flycatcher?
Step 7: Is it a Warbler?
Step 8: Is it a Crow?
Step 9: Is it a Blackbird?
Step 10: Is it a Sandpiper?
Step 11: Is it a Duck?
Step 12: Hey what's that bird over there? (go back to Step 1)

Anonymous said...

That is very big of you as, if I remember correctly, it would have been your life Cape May?

Oh well...

Patrick B. said...

Nice one Will!

And yes Corey, it would have been a lifer and it is a major jinx bird for me.