Monday, June 18, 2007

A Photo Quiz to Beat the Heat

It's way too hot here in NJ today. I came across some pictures from a place MUCH colder than here. These awful photos were taken in the dead of winter in far northern Minnesota when I visited there a few years ago. They were taken with my very old, but very reliable, Olympus C2000z. That camera came out in 1999 and still takes great pics. Can you ID the birds? Hopefully this bit of winter will help you beat the heat.


Anonymous said...

I'll go with Northern Shrike, Northern Hawk-Owl and female Pine Grosbeak??

Beth said...
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Jochen said...

Hmmmm, how about Northern Shrike, Great Gray Owl and Evening Grosbeak?

By the way, I replied to the poo issue, better late than never, right?

Patrick B. said...

I'll give it another day until I reveal the correct answers!

Jochen, thanks for explaining the poo density! That was my new knowledge for yesterday. I can think of much worse jobs.

Anonymous said...

I'm going with Northern Shirke, Great Gray Owl and Pine Grosbeak.

Larry said...

I'll go with what the other guys said.-seriously-The Shrike was the only one that immediately came to mind without looking in a field guide.-You see some pretty darn good birds Patrick.

Patrick B. said...

Larry, I have definitely been lucky to see many of the birds I have seen. I made the trip in 2005 to MN to see the owl irruption that was taking place. I saw about 75 Great Gray Owls and 40 Hawk Owls. It was an amazing experience as a birder. Unfortunately, most of those birds were starving hence their southern search for food.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Patrick,
For some reason, the first picture didn't open up for me. But I recognized the Great Gray Owl. My sissy and I spent a day near Mille Lacs Lake that winter and saw 92 Great Grays in one day. I'll never forget it.
Your third pic is an Evening Grosbeak, which I have never seen in real life.

Patrick B. said...

The answers are in:

Northern Shrike
Great Gray Owl
Evening Grosbeak

Ruthie, not sure why that first one didn't open for you.