Thursday, April 19, 2007

IATB and a Bird Song Quiz

After you visit Jochen's exceptional edition of I & The Bird, check out this bird song quiz I created. Listen to each song and make your guesses in the comments. Sorry, I don't have any cool prizes to give away.

Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

Song 4


Drew said...

1 N Waterthrush
2 Pine Warbler
3 Louisiana Waterthrush
4 Swamp Sparrow

I dread seeing the results of what the 2 trillers actually are. I am too dependent on habitat.

Jochen said...

Hmmm, no chance for me, it is only my second spring ever here.

But rememberour little challenge regarding the Solitary Sandpipers?

Well, to give you an even chance, check out my blog.

birdchick said...

Hey, Patrick, I'll be happy to donate a prize for your contest. I've got an extra copy of Don Kroodsma's Singing Life Of Birds--complete with CD. It's the paperback version.

Let me know. We can even ship it from here.


Larry said...

- Good idea! I tried playing these and drove my cat crazy.-I'll see if I can guess someftjdbw this weekend.-

LauraHinNJ said...

1. waterthrush - but which?

2. Pine warbler

3. Hmmmm. Kentucky?

4. chipping sparrow

Anonymous said...

1]N. Waterthrush
2]Pine Warbler
3]Lousiana Waterthrush
4]Chipping Sparrow
Some of these were cats went nuts.

Patrick B. said...

Thanks Birdchick! That's very kind of you to offer it up. You heard it here folks... there's a prize on the line now. Let the bloodshed begin! We've had some great guesses and I won't say if anyone has gotten it right yet...

Anonymous said...

My ears are too rusty for this...time to hit the tapes!

Larry said...

1)Northern Waterthrush
2)Pine Warbler
3)Louisiana Waterthrush
4)Chipping Sparrow

Patrick B. said...

Jimmy is the winner! Those trillers can be really tough to separate. Jimmy, if you read this, please send me your snail mail address to pbelardo_at_yahoo

Sarah said...

OK I think I nailed it,

1. Northern Waterthrush
2.Pine Warbler
3.Louisiana Waterthrush
4.Chipping Sparrow

Patrick B. said...

You got it!