Sunday, August 30, 2009

Filmy Dome Spider

My parents have a group of spiders living in a large hedge that separates their yard from the neighbor's yard. The spiders build dome-shaped nest and are possibly Filmy Dome Spiders (genus Neriene). I was able to get a photo of the web, but not the spiders themselves. My point-and-click camera wouldn't focus on them. The spiders are about an inch long including legs. There are several webs in about a 3 foot square area. The detail of the dome webs is incredible. The web shown below is about 8" across. The second photo is a zoomed in version of the first photo.


John said...

Interesting web. I'm not sure if I have seen those.

dguzman said...

I keep glancing at the post title and reading "FILTHY dome spider" for some weird reason. Too much CA sun!?

I love spider webs. It's amazing how fast they can make them.