Saturday, July 04, 2009

Birding Board Games Pt. 2

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my posts on birding board games. I only have two (right now) and this is the second - also picked up on eBay. It's The Birding Game with Roger Tory Peterson. Again, I haven't actually played this one. It's brand new despite the beat-up box.

The game centers around the theme of a "big day" - trying to see as many species as you can and earn as much money for conservation as possible in a single day. The game includes 4 sets of "habitat" cards (Woodlands, Freshwater, Saltwater Marsh, and Open Country) and cards for equipment, sponsorship, "habitat entry", and "birder's luck." "Birder's luck" is like the Monopoly "Chance" card of this game. The box also includes a trimmed-down version of the Peterson Guide with just plates. More on the use of that and the cards in a moment.

You move around the board using your little owl head pieces. What? No little Scotty dog or boot?

As you move around the board, you collect the equipment, sponsorship, "habitat entry", and "birder's luck." When you land on a habitat card and you have the appropriate "habitat entry" card, another player reads you the card. The card directs you to identify a bird on a specific plate in the field guide. If you identify the bird correctly, you can add that bird to your checklist. If you answer correctly, you then have the chance to answer a bonus question, but only if you have the right equipment card. The bonus question is a trivia question about that species. If you get the question right, you earn bonus dollars. The questions are divided into 4 difficulty levels depending on your expertise as a birder - from beginner to hardcore lister. You must choose a difficulty level at the beginning of the game.

Your winnings are recorded on a scoresheet. The game ends when the first player fills in the list of species on the scoresheet.

The next bird fest I'm at, I'll be sure to bring these games along with me if it's within driving distance. Maybe we need a "Birds & Beers & Games" type event here in NJ!


nishiki_85 said...

Cool games Patrick.

My mother-in-law gave my wife & I a birding board game last year. 'The Great North American Bird Watching Trivia Game' Players move round the board answering questions (3 different skill levels). The "Life List" cards are similar to the Chance Cards of Monopoly. Perhaps I'll follow your theme and create a post describing the game.



OpposableChums said...

Wow, "The World Series of Birding" Home Game!

Who knew?

Jochen said...

Man, you'll absolutely HATE Puerto Rico.
Here, let me help you: send me instead!



dAwN said...

Excellent game! Arent you afraid of damaging the antique game?
Someone needs to develop a new board game for birders..Is there one?

If you are planning an bird outing or get together use the new website.

Elizabeth said...

I played this game a lot as a child! My mom (a second generation birder) got it from her dad (who taught her!) and this was how my brother and I started to learn our birds. I've been looking for this game all over but can't find it. My mom won't let me steal hers!

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