Thursday, April 09, 2009

Scotts Bird Seed Commercial

Wow, I never thought I'd see a commercial for bird seed on TV, but I just did! Scotts' new commercial claims you'll get twice as many Indigo Buntings!


Lynne said...

Did he have to wear that classic birder's vest so we'd believe he was a birder? I think Birdchick is trying to stamp out those vests. Wait til she spots it!

Anonymous said...

Twice as many Indigo Buntings? Wow! Multiplying the number of Indigo Buntings I now get here in NW Oregon would give me... zero, so I guess it would work for me as advertised.

On the subject of vests, am I, as a proudly vested member of the field glass tribe, going to need to form the Bird Watching Vest Defense League? Our motto could be "Go vested or go home."


Susan Gets Native said...

John stole my line. I get zero buntings, so zero times 2 is.....ZERO.
Wait. Isn't Scott's one of those companies who come and spray your lawn with poisons? Kill off all of the insects?
Yeah. That's really bird-friendly.
And that man needs acting lessons. And to lose the vest.

*Susan. Who has YET to wear a vest of any fashion.*
: )

Patrick Belardo said...

You may need a kevlar liner for that vest there, John.

John said...

A single Indigo Bunting would be an extraordinary increase at the feeders I'm accustomed to watching.

Anonymous said...

Scott's logo butterfly on their trucks is a chemical mutant swallowtail/monarch!

A hardy cheers to fashionable birders!

Anna said...

That is funny, I never seen one either. Anna :)