Friday, March 30, 2007

On Vacation...

Beth and I are going on vacation tomorrow until next Saturday, April 7. It's Beth's spring break (she's a teacher). We're heading up to Lake George, NY and then over to Ithaca to hit up all the wineries. Then, it's over to Niagara Falls and, finally, Toronto. I'll of course have my binoculars and camera along to record anything neat for the blog. I'll see you all when I return.


Jochen said...

Have a safe trip and a close encounter with a Fieldfare!

all the best...

P. Ollig said...

Wineries in New York? Huh...who woulda thunk it?

Try a good pinot for me.

Larry said...

Have a great time-Will look forward to the photos-don't spill wine on your camera.

alice said...

Patrick..i do not know if you ever read old, outdated your old blog postings.

i read that you and Beth were going on Holidays..on the day that you returned.

may i say, please do not pass by Niagara Falls again, without letting me know.. I know some awesome birders around there..and the bird activies when you passed through were very fine.
two purple sandpipers spotted very near niagara Falls.
hope your trip was awesome.. Your blog posts especially about cornell and things up there were
great.. How awesome to be THERE.

hope you are weathering the seasons alright.
i am about to go nuts, personally
take care
from feathered friends forum.

Patrick Belardo said...


Thanks so much. We didn't make it up to Niagara Falls due to our fear of paying duty on all the wine we bought. Then the weather got really cold and we decided to not try the NY side either. We plan to go there again sometime in the future and I'll be sure to contact you!